And Always Will Be

Composed for wind band, And Always Will Be (2022) utilizes pitch material that was drawn from the four words in the title after they went through four different cyphers. These pitches were later formed into melodies that represented their respective words, and these melodies appear throughout the piece. There are several different melodic fragments for each word, and they tend to center around their representative sections. "And" utilizes melodies connected through different instruments and timbres, "Always" is found through long-lasting notes and ostinatos, "Will" centers on more dissonant and stability-yearning melodies and harmonies, and finally, "Be" is represented through the brief moments of resolution and consonance throughout the piece, including the coda. Beyond its construction, thematically, this piece represents various phases of my own coming-to-terms with my fiancée's statements that she is there for me now, and always will be. However, I invite you to explore your own personal narrative through the motions of the piece, which I hope will be empathetic to anyone's own personal experiences when dealing with anxiety pertaining to their future.